Our family farms

Dinner Bell is crafted by farm families that honor heritage and remember roots.

Our farmers make decisions with the next generation in mind. Like our farmers, we understand the virtue of patience and the value of taking time to do things right. This is Dinner Bell. Crafted by family farms.

Meet one of our farm families


THE vander kooi FAMILY FARM

Worthington, Minnesota

“We are really proud that we make a great product. Our milk has a nutritional value for all families,” Rita said. “And it’s neat to think that my friends are serving food produced here at our farm to their families.”

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Your Next Generation Farmers

"Just a baby scoop"

Benjamin Donnay, Glencoe, Minn.

“Better with friends”

Nicole Stewart, Chetek, Wis.

“The littlest combine”

Lindsay Kaiser, Waverly, Iowa

“Farmer’s best helper”

Kaitlyn Heintz, Arena, Wis.

“Boys of winter”

Matthew Peterson, Boyd, Wis.

We’re easy to find.
We live here.

Dinner Bell Creamery products begin on family dairy farms that span the Upper Midwest.

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From our Farmers

“Being part of a co-op is very important. We have shares in this company — we own this company.”

- Ken Vogt, Sauk Centre, MN

“We have a lot of family pride in what we do.”

- Mark Qual, Lisbon, ND

“I learned early on in my dairy farming career that if you take care of the cows, they will take care of you financially.”

- Dave Vander Kooi, Worthington, MN