we are co-op crafted

Welcome to Dinner Bell Creamery, a cooperative owned by dairy farm families located throughout the Upper Midwest. We are many families with one purpose: produce good food with a promise.


The dinner bell is ringing

Dinner Bell Creamery butter is a natural way to gather family and friends around the table. We’re expanding the reach of our co-op crafted butter from Dinner Bell family farms to your table. Ask your grocer if they plan to carry the Dinner Bell Creamery brand.

Sweet cream

salted Butter

Lend us your ears, your biscuits, your spuds. Salted butter helps take your food the extra mile.

Sweet cream

UNsalted Butter

The no-nonsense butter that gives a natural sweet cream flavor that spreads smiles from ear to ear.

From our farmers

When people ask me why I farm, the answer is simple: I love it. The cows, the people and all the great-tasting products made from our milk. Our co-op makes food that feeds families, and that's pretty cool. - Steve Schlangen, Albany, Minn.


We’re about as close as you can get to buying directly from the dairy farm without having to take a gravel road. Dinner Bell isn’t about just putting butter on your table. It’s about making more room at the table by connecting our home to yours. We care for our cows and the land because it’s the right thing to do. It’s our Co-op Crafted promise.

Better together with butter

As a cooperative, our products come from our family-owned farms. We recognize we are better working together to make great-tasting butter. If it’s not good enough for our families, we wouldn’t dream of sharing it with yours.

We stick with it

We were raised to see things through. That’s why we stick with our products from start to finish, from what we feed our cows to how we wrap our products for freshness. When you buy Dinner Bell, you can be confident that you know where it comes from. Because we know where it comes from. Home.