About The Co-op

Co-op Crafted means when it comes from Dinner Bell Creamery, it tastes better, because we combine the talents of hardworking farm families and skilled craftsmen to create award-winning dairy products.


Dinner Bell Creamery is built on over half a century of dairy experience, and we're proud of the numbers we have to show for it.


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Years of Experience


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Great Promise

Our heritage made modern

Dinner Bell Creamery draws from a heritage of cooperation and craftsmanship to bring fresh life to a dairy cooperative over a half century old.

built on heritage

Dinner Bell’s roots can be traced back to Associated Milk Producers Inc., a dairy cooperative that has supported thousands of family farms for over five decades.

Churning out the best

You may not know AMPI, but odds are you’ve tasted their quality dairy products. Leading food companies market our cheese, butter and powdered dairy products from coast to coast — and around the globe.

new name, same old work ethic

The name may be new, but the hard work goes back over half a century. After decades of letting leading brands wrap their names around our quality dairy products, we decided to build a brand of our own: Dinner Bell Creamery.