National Butter Day

A true hero of the kitchen.

The ingredient you don’t want to live without.

So simple and yet so rich.

Yes, butter makes every day better!

Butter lovers unite

It’s time to celebrate.

While preparing marketing plans for the year we were surprised – nay, shocked! – to learn there was not an official day celebrating our beloved butter.


World Milk Day is June 1. Cheese is celebrated on June 4. National Ice Cream Month is all of July. But no day for butter? This simply could not be.


So we got to work, put together a plan, and now we can officially declare

National Butter Day is November 17!

Join the fun

In the days leading up to November 17, we’ll be sharing our love for butter in a variety of ways – including five Instagram giveaways of butter for a year!

Here are some ideas to help spread the butter love:

  • Make sure you’re following Dinner Bell Creamery on Facebook and Instagram
  • Follow these featured influencers on Instagram…
  • Comment and tag a friend, like, share (via IG story), and save the image from the influencers once they post about the Dinner Bell Creamery Butter Giveaway
  • Celebrate National Butter Day by sharing your own post, story, or recipe! Feel free to use the logo above or check out any of our butterlicious recipes to share – like these
    Best Brownies By Far.
  • Have fun cooking and baking with butter!

From our Farmers

“Being part of a co-op is very important. We have shares in this company — we own this company.”

- Ken Vogt, Sauk Centre, MN

“We have a lot of family pride in what we do.”

- Mark Qual, Lisbon, ND

“I learned early on in my dairy farming career that if you take care of the cows, they will take care of you financially.”

- Dave Vander Kooi, Worthington, MN